Die 40 süssesten Katzen der Welt

nananananananana… Batcat !

Paw Tap

Kitty wants a snuggle

My rescue kitten!

My cat gave birth to one kitten. This is when Mama Kitty let the kitten go out on her own for the first time. Well, almost on her own

Kitty Warming Platform

Box of blue eyed kittens

Thinking kitty

Upgraded my life with a Kitty

Kitty. That is all.

My curious kitty Koko

Kitty at my local shelter came in with a crushed paw..

Who’s a cute kitty?

He loves his paper bags.

My kitten Teebo

What this cute cat is looking for?

My new kitten Penelope!

My lovely kitten

Mama cat and tiny baby kitten

Look at this baby cat I found!

Here’s your treat. Nope.

My kitten gets excited when my child’s school bus arrives

Boop the snoot to keep the front page filled with adorable kittens this year.

Cat toes

This is how my cat begs for food.

Cappuccino Cat

Cats are cute you say.

Getting ready to pounce

Everybody needs a pocket kitten!

My brother’s new kitten, Paddington.

Our new kitten

Kitten with an extra claw on each paw

Nothing has ever made me aww harder than this little kitten, Lucy

What do you mean ‘you have to study’?

Excuse me, but My Kitten is the Best Kitten! I love him so.

Purrmanently Sad Cat is back!

My brother’s new kitten, Paddington.

I’m a photographer for a shelter. This is a kitten pooping in my prop.

“I pose like dis?”

Kitten in a boot

Very photogenic kitten!